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About us

MEET-USA.COM is an international online portal, unlike any other in the world. It features a unique platform for searching
resourceful and valuable information relevant to many various spheres of life in the USA – i.e.  immigration, real estate,
tourism, investments, medicine, education and much more.
Welcome to innovation. 
Welcome to Meet-USA.com.

Over two hundred years ago, Rothchild stated “Who owns the information, he owns the  world”. The world today is still hungry for
information, despite the never ending flow of it’s availability.  The Meet-USA.com Portal acts as your personal consultant to that
information highway -- but focusing specifically on U.S. companies, professionals, and services in a variety of industries. The goal of
MEET-USA is to eliminate all the extra hassle and chatter that one would typically  encounter in the process of accessing  sought after
information. The platform’s search feature is structured in a most innovative and efficient way,  making your information gathering
process a breeze.  We’ve already done the work for you. All you need to do is enter the Portal, and make those connections.


From time immemorial, humanity has taken an interest in exploring new territories and expanding on the boundless opportunities that
exploration offers as its gift.. The United States of America has always been a  beacon of hope and new opportunity for those who have
yet to discover it’s shores and horizons. The mission of this Portal – and the mission of our company team -  is  to give everyone an
opportunity to discover the United States of America in all its magnificence - without propaganda and political conflicts. We pride
ourselves on providing solely  objective information that  will undoubtedly help individuals and businesses achieve their visions and
We build strong bridges between real people. We offer you the platform with which to forge those valuable connections. Two people on
different continents can ‘shake hands’ and make deals  directly. The Portal mission is ultimately to service you in the achievement of your
We are proud to be able to make a significant contribution into the world of professional development  among international movers and
shakers. With our help, you will have an opportunity to maximixe your business growth while getting to know the “Meet-USA community” of
genuinely focused entrepreneurs  whose ambitions match your own. Our mission is to see you grow--that includes your connections, your
customer interest levels, your goal achievements, and your monthly revenue of course!


The team of MEET-USA reps  are “success enthusiasts”, who believe in their mission-- to open the dialogue between international
professionals and facilitate good business between multiple geographical locations.. Believe it or not, this has never been done
in a one stop shop platform such as this.  This very point provides each team rep with an unparalleled confidence and stamina in the
product .  All of the  MEET-USA sales  professionals have an extensive amount of experience in the marketing, advertising, media, and web
industries. We work hard to be the best so you can be yours.