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I am looking for a companion

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I am looking for a companion to create a water farm for growing fish.

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I am looking for a companion to create a water farm for growing fish (salmon, sturgeon, shrimp, etc.). I have the knowledge, skills and technologies for growing on water and on the ground. Profitable and fast-paying business. From my side, knowledge and work, from your side - financing of the project. My CV will be sent on request. I am ready to answer Your questions about the types of cultivation and technology.
Experience as the chief fish breeder more than 15 years.
Higher profile education.
I am familiar with and use the latest developments and technologies in the field of aquaculture (RAS, bioflock, open water, terrestrial aquaculture).
Management skills: implementation of HACCP, staff training, technical mapping, production planning and control over the implementation of the production plan and the adoption of measures for its implementation.
Skills of mathematical modeling of economic efficiency of production, including full-system fish farm.
Keeping daily records of fish products at all stages of the process.
Specialized skills: work on incubation from caviar to growing juveniles and marketable products: whitefish, salmon, sturgeon, crustaceans.
I know the veterinary and sanitary requirements and standards for fish farms and products. Practical skills in ichthyopathology, diagnosis and treatment of diseases.
Experience in designing and manufacturing fish-breeding equipment for specific purposes..
Expert computer skills and specialized software.
Proactive attitude and ability to handle stress.
Creative approach to solving non-standard problems.

I will help to create a business in aquaculture from scratch, both in Russia and abroad.
Professional advice, independent expert.