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I'm considering a variety of options, I can be an assistant. I plan to move to the USA and Europe. I am looking for remote work at the initial stage in a Western or European company. I plan to find a job in the field of psychology, healthy lifestyle, followed by moving to a permanent place of residence in the city and the country of location of work.

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Work Experience Jurist Private practice - Krasnodar, Russia March 2014 to Present Contractual settlement of civil disputes. Judicial settlement of civil disputes. Division of property of former spouses. The drafting of contracts. Preparation and verification of documents. Psychologist Private practice - Saint Petersburg, Russia January 2011 to Present I improve my practical level of qualification of the psychologist with the subsequent receipt of the diploma.   Increase my level of theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of healthy lifestyles, traditional and alternative medicine.  I visit a sports club with a swimming pool.   I am engaged in self-development of memory, thinking, attention.  I read scientific and educational information.  I adhere to self-development of positive thinking.   I have practical experience in resolving difficult situations in different people.   I love pleasant and inspiring music.   I like active positive films.   I do not watch TV and news, and I follow what is happening in the world from more reliable sources. Company executive Light Life - Saint Petersburg, Russia July 2012 to June 2018 I advised clients and partners of the company.   I developed promotional events for clients.   I made presentations of real estate.   I organized and conducted excursions.   I was planning objectives and implemented the plans.   I developed financial and marketing plans for the company.  
I negotiated with partners, investors and clients.   I researched competitors and markets.   I participated in the development and creation of the company's websites.   I managed websites and social media accounts, wrote and posted informational materials.   I was working on improving the company's image.   I participated in exhibitions.
Education Jurisprudence International Academy of Expertise and Assessment - Saratov, Russia November 2017 to May 2018 Bachelor's in Economy National Open Institute Of Russia - Saint Petersburg, Russia September 2011 to February 2015 Automated control system St. Petersburg College of marine instrumentation - Saint Petersburg, Russia September 1999 to June 2014 Psychology Russia
I have a basic knowledge of English. I am currently improving my English. I am a confident computer user. I use the Internet, social networks, information and training sites. I use office programs at a basic confident level and increase the level of knowledge. I have a driver's license. I have standard and creative skills and experience.