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Agreement offer

  1. General
1.1. This Contract on use of the MEET-USA.COM Information Portal (hereinafter referred to as the Portal) is a public offer describing the conditions for provision of Portal services (including Paid services) (hereinafter the Services). The execution of the actions specified in this Offer is a confirmation of the agreement to conclude this service agreement on terms and conditions, in the manner and in the scope set forth in the Offer.
1.2. The parties to this Contract are represented by the Portal in the person of the General Director of "IKP" LLC, and any capable individual or a legal person using the services (hereinafter the User). The Portal and the User are referred to hereinafter together as "Parties".
1.3. This Contract regulates the relations between the User and the Portal regarding information, advertising, marketing and other services provided by the Portal to the User and cancels all the previous agreements between the Portal and the User on this subject.
1.4. Before using the services of the Portal, the User must examine and accept all the terms of this Contract. Otherwise, the User can not use the services of the Portal. Use of Paid Portal services requires the User's full agreement with the rules, terms, restrictions and other terms of cooperation set forth in this document at the time of provision of services.
1.5. This Contract does not abolish the current legislation of the countries of registration and location of the Portal and the User, as well as contractual relations between the User and Payment system (systems). If the User is unable to use the services of the Portal under the terms of the current legislation or other arrangements, the use of these services by the User shall be prohibited by these rules and will be recognized as illegal.
1.6. For certain types of services and products, special and/or additional conditions and rules are applied, which are regulated by special supplementary agreements.
  1. Terms and Definitions
2.1. MEET-USA.COM portal is a service name owned by “IKP” LLC, which is the name for information, advertising, marketing and other services related to the Portal. The information about these services, order of their provision and payment is posted on the Internet at
2.2. A user is any capable individual or a legal person using the paid and other services of the Portal and recognizing the terms of this offer.
2.3. Electronic currency is a monetary and/or other obligation between the developer of that currency and its user, expressed in electronic form.
2.4. The payment system is a software and hardware product developed by a third party representing a mechanism for implementation of accounting of monetary and/or other liabilities, as well as arrangement of mutual settlements between its users.
  1. Subject of the Contract  
3.1. The subject of this Contract is information, advertising, marketing and other services on the Portal's theme, which are described on the Portal's website.
3.2. The Portal offers its services to all the Users and does not verify the eligibility and legitimacy of the User's possession of electronic currencies and/or financial means used for payment of services and does not supervise the User's operations in any of the Payment Systems. At the same time, the Portal reserves the right to cancel the ongoing operation, and to return the electronic currencies and/or financial means introduced by the User without explaining the reasons.
3.3. Payment systems and/or financial institutions are solely responsible for the funds entrusted to them by the User. The portal can not be a party of the Contract between the Payment system and/or financial institution and the User and is in no way responsible for the incorrect or unauthorized use of the Payment System facilities by the User, as well as for abuse of the functionality of the Payment System by the User. Mutual rights and obligations of the User and Payment system and/or financial institution are regulated by the relevant contracts/agreements.
3.4. Payment for Portal services, as well as another operation offered by the Portal to the User, is considered to be irrevocable, i.е. can not be canceled by the User after its completion - receipt by the User of the transaction due to him under the previously accepted terms.
3.5. The portal has the right to suspend or cancel the ongoing operation if the information on the unauthorized possession of the User by electronic currencies or financial means and/or other information that makes it impossible for the Portal to provide services to the User shall be received from the authorized bodies.
3.6. The portal has the right to suspend or cancel an ongoing operation if the User violates the terms of this Contract.
  1. Services Provided by the Portal
4.1. The Portal provides the User with access to the information materials posted on the Portal, rendering advertising, marketing and other Services.
4.2. The Portal undertakes to provide the User with the necessary technical and consulting support related to provision and payment of services.
4.3. Ordering the services of the Portal, managing a transaction process or obtaining information on the progress of the transaction by the User are made only with the help of the appropriate user interface located on the Portal's website.
4.4. Any of the Services provided by the Portal shall be considered provided from the moment the User receives the necessary package of documents and/or online confirmation.
4.5. The portal has the right to suspend provision of services for technical support or site upgrading.
4.6. The portal has the right to refuse further provision of services if the User carries out actions that lead or have led to deterioration in the operability of the system providing the provision of services.
  1. Cost of Services
5.1. The cost of services is determined by the management of the Portal and published on the website of the Portal. The management of the Portal has the right to change the prices for the services of the Portal without further notice.
5.2. In addition to the established pricing, the User shall also reimburse all the additional costs for postage, telephone, fax and others that arose in the course of business relations with the Portal.   
  1. Imposition of Taxes
6.1. The Portal is not a tax agent for the User, and will not notify the User of its tax costs. The User undertakes to independently pay all the taxes required under the tax laws of his place of residence.
6.2. In the event that the authorities require the Portal to pay the User's taxes or cover the arrears arising from the User's refusal to pay taxes, the User shall agree to indemnify the Portal for all such payments.
  1. Warranties and Liability of the Parties
7.1. The Portal shall provide its services on an "as is" basis, as they are described on the Portal pages and does not offer any additional guarantees.
7.2. The Portal guarantees the fulfillment of obligations to the User only within the amounts paid by the User for provision of services.
7.3. The Portal will make every effort, but does not guarantee that its services will be available around the clock and daily. The Portal does not bear any responsibility for losses, lost profit and other costs of the User, arising as a result of inability to access the site and services of the Portal.
7.4. The Portal does not bear any responsibility for losses, lost profits and other costs of the User, which resulted from delays, errors or failures in conducting bank payments or electronic transfers.
7.5. The Portal does not bear any responsibility for losses, lost revenue and other costs of the User, which resulted from erroneous expectations of the User regarding the tariff rates of the Portal and other subjective factors.
7.6. The User guarantees compensation for the losses of the Portal (management company, managers and employees) in cases of filing actions or claims directly or indirectly related to the User's use of Portal services, except for damages caused by the actions of the Portal itself (intentional or reckless).
7.7. The User guarantees that he is the owner or has the rightful grounds for disposition of the amounts used in his transactions.
7.8. The User guarantees that the operations he carries out are not used for illegal trade, financial fraud, money laundering and legalization of illegally obtained funds and other unlawful acts.
7.9. The User undertakes to provide all information necessary for provision of the Services, as well as information on any transaction at the first request of the Portal, including successful and unsuccessful payments, delivered and non-delivered goods and/or services.
7.10. The User undertakes not to falsify the communication flows associated with functioning of the Portal.
7.11. The User acknowledges that the contents of the Portal's website fall under protection of the legislation on protection of property rights, intellectual property and copyrights. Unauthorized use of this content is illegal.
7.12. The User is responsible for functionality and the possibility of using his personal computer and/or other equipment necessary to access the transaction system through the service interface.
7.13. The Portal is not liable for losses and/or damage (negative income) arising from inability of the User to use his own equipment and/or the elements and/or lack of the necessary full or partial functionality of his equipment or components.
7.14. All the claims on the part of the User concerning improper performance of its commissions (orders) by the Portal should be presented to the service not later than five days after the date of transfer of the corresponding instruction (order) to the service.
7.15. The User is not allowed to publish on the portal the following:
  • materials with pornographic images of minors and/or ads on involvement of minors as performers for participating in pornographic entertainment events;
  • materials with pornographic images;
  • information on the techniques, methods of development, manufacture and use of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and their precursors, places of acquisition of such drugs, substances and their precursors, methods and places of cultivation of narcotic plants, how to commit suicide, and calls for suicide;
  • information and materials of an extremist nature;
  • information of terrorist content;
  • information calling for the overthrow of power or racial hatred;
  • as well as other information prohibited by law.
  1. Information Protection, Access and Communication
8.1. For security reasons, the Portal does not process orders or requests received from the User by e-mail, from a box that was not previously registered in the Portal system or through other systems not connected with the Portal technically.
8.2. Written messages from the Portal to the User are considered to be executed from the moment they were sent to the last address of the User known to the Portal.
8.3. Any requests of the User to the Portal shall come into force and will be valid only after they have been fully received by the Portal and after User's correct identification as the Party of the Contract, and the User as the Party of the Contract will be responsible for all the operations up to this point.
8.4. The User undertakes to take all the necessary measures to maintain confidentiality and protect personal data from unauthorized use and access by third parties.
8.5. The Portal reserves the right to refuse the User in using of the Service, in case of any doubt about the legality of the User's actions.
8.6. The Portal undertakes to maintain confidentiality with respect to the User's personal data, except when:
•  information is publicly available;
•  disclosed on demand or with the permission of the User;
•  requires disclosure at the request of the court or authorized state bodies.
8.7. According to FL 115 and 116, the Portal has the right to require identification of the User by requesting passport data, registration address, mobile phone, TIN or SNILS.
  1. Force majeure
The parties will not be responsible to each other for any delays or defaults in their obligations arising from the occurrence of force majeure circumstances, including natural disasters, fire, flood, terrorist acts, changes in legislation, civil unrest, as well as non-operation of payment systems, energy supply systems, communication networks and providers of Internet services.
  1. Consideration of Disputes
10.1. All disputes and disagreements under this Contract shall be resolved through negotiations. In case of claims, the User must address to the contacts listed on site in "Contacts" section.
10.2. The Administration of the Portal is not responsible and does not compensate for losses caused by improper use of the service, as well as mistakes made by the User when completing the form of exchange or payment, which may lead to transfer of funds to the erroneously specified requisites.
10.3. If it is not possible to resolve the dispute through negotiations, the parties shall submit the case to the Arbitration Court of the city of Lipetsk.
  1. Amendment of the Contract
11.1. This Contract is located for public access on the website of the Portal and can be amended and supplemented by the management of the Portal unilaterally without additional notice to the User. Amendments shall come into force from the moment of publication of the Contract on the company's website
11.2. The obligations of the Portal provided for in this Contract may be transferred by it to third parties. 
  1. Special terms of payment and SMS usage
By clicking "Pay" button, you understand and confirm that:
  • You are already 18 years old (21 years old if you are a US citizen);
  • The account replenishment service was provided to you in full, and you have no claims to this site and any structures that provide technical support for payment;
  • Funds are transferred irrevocably;
  • The number and cost of the request without VAT* are indicated when performing a transaction in the form on the site. You can get the exact cost in rubles from your telecom operator (in case of using SMS payment);
  • In the event that the laws of your country, or your moral and ethical norms do not allow you to be on this site, ABSTAIN from viewing the contents of this site;
  • You understand that if one or more of the conditions of this Contract is violated by you, then the owner of this site, as well as any structures that carry out technical support for payment, are not responsible for your actions, and can not be responsible for possible consequences associated with viewing the content of this site.
  1. Requisites
    "IKP" LLC
    OGRN 1164827064192
    INN / KPP 4825118410/482501001
    Legal address: 398050, Lipetsk region, Lipetsk, Plekhanov Square, Building 3, premise 6, office 201
    Phone: +7 (495) 108-49-28; +7 (4742) 52-20-82