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Susan Ferguson
I am an attorney in New York City with my own boutique law firm. A Meet-USA ad rep reached out to me to see if I’d be interested in advertising on the portal. I initially turned her down, afraid to invest my dollars into something so new. As time progressed, I noticed my firm was not growing as I had envisioned it to, and I knew I had to invest into it’s growth. I decided to purchase the SMART marketing package. I was stunned by the volume increase. Now my biggest concern is finding another assistant to help with answering the phone!
Frank Watmore
I would like to express my gratitude to Meet-USA.  Though we have only been using the Portal for a short amount of time, we are already very pleased with the results. The ads are quite effective and we are impressed with the additional volume our business has experienced. The technical support staff is also A-1! Anytime I had a question, they took the time to help me understand the answer and find the best solution. Another important aspect is that the dual languages interface is extremely useful as now we can target two different groups of people in one window. That is a  huge advantage in a global market. Great Portal, great team!
President of Pangaea Regional Center, Frank Watmore
Jonathan Y.
The Meet-USA portal is unlike anything I have ever seen before. It’s like the express lane super highway of advertising. I am able to target exactly who I am looking to reach through the different tools they offer. I recently posted a home for sale in Northern New Jersey, and within days, I had several solid leads, all direct buyers. Thank you Meet-USA for offering a platform to those who prefer to conduct business without involving a middleman!
Veronica P.
Meet-USA has incredible service! There is never a question left without an answer – everything is responded to fast and clear. The portal can seem complex at first, so I really appreciated the way the staff takes the time to explain it’s navigation with users.
There is such a vast amount of interesting information on the Portal; one could spend all day on it just learning and exploring. Aside from the information being interesting, it is also very useful and beneficial to someone like me, who is embarking on coming to the U.S. What I find truly amazing is that I can actually network with real people across the globe and already begin to form business connections with them. Overall, Meet-USA as a service is fantastic.
And on top of the excellent service, the Portal design is beautiful, simple, and user friendly, with no extra nonsense. Love it!
Colin M.
For some time, I had been searching high and low for a partner in the USA to collaborate with on a particular business venture. What I was looking for, was a very unique set of criteria which was hard to find. A colleague who had had success with Meet-USA’s platform suggested I post a few words about what I was hoping to find. A week later I met Miranda through the portal. She and I set up a few Skype meetings, and eventually this progressed into a professional business partnership. I recently made the voyage to the USA, and was relieved to know that I had already put my new business in motion, with Miranda preparing the runway before I even touched down. Meet-USA’s portal made this possible and I am forever grateful.