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Dispatch services

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We are a full-service truck dispatching company that provides dispatch, safety, and accounting services for owner-operators and small trucking companies. Our team of 40+ specialists has been supporting drivers for over 6 years.

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We help to find the best loads with the highest prices and provide 24/7 high-quality support for only 3.5% fee without a contract.
Our operators are fluent in English, Russian, Ukrainian
We ensure the fleet busy and loaded in the most efficient way, including individual needs and preferences, highest market rates, available choices of loads on the market.
Services include: 
  • 24/7 dispatching services
  • Finding the best loads with the best rates
  • Permanent load planning
  • Negotiations with brokers during loading and unloading, compensation for downtime
  • Сommunication and support during the entire load process
  • Preparation of the necessary documents
  • Personal route planning
  • Personal online statistic
  • FB/SD/R/V 3.5% from gross
  • POWER ONLY 4% from gross

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