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Just wanted to share quickly that yesterday we have started our Digital Health 2020 Online Summit and it will run until this Sat

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As part of my LinkedIn community, I would like to share with you the event we have been working on very hard – Digital Health 2020 Online Summit.

This virtual event brings 43 expert speakers from great companies and Associations from around the world including Europe, North America, Asia and Australia.

Speakers will share the current digital health activities, strategies and case studies regarding healthcare transformation.

Here are the main themes of the summit:

* Current Activities of Digital Health in different organizations and countries
* Smart Care, Patient Centricity and Engagement
* Transformation with VR/AR, Voice Tech, 3D printing
* Big Data, AI and Machine Learning
* Patient staff engagement and culture change
* Mindset Transformation
* New Horizon, Innovation and Tomorrow’s Perspectives
Each theme has 6-10 speakers covering different aspects.

For a limited time I am sharing FREE Tickets to all my network and healthcare professionals.

Register for FREE here

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