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No bad habits, no Smoking, no alcohol. Hardworking, responsible, committed to work. Work for results!

Опыт работы:7 years
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Looking for a job with a visa. Valid rights of Eurostandart category B, concrete works, all types of wooden formwork, reinforcement, installation works on collection of metal structures. Designs from a tree. Underground works, bringing workings to safe condition. Installation of air ducts, drilling of holes with pneumatic support. Equipment operation and maintenance. Penetration of vertical, horizontal and inclined workings. Management and maintenance of PDM (Sandvik Lh307, LH203, Scootram ST2D, Scootram ST3, 5). Dump truck Paus PMKT 8000, dump truck mine MoAZ 65010, PAUS Universa 50-2.

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