FAQ-ENG: advertisement on the Portal and much more

FAQ-ENG: advertisement on the Portal and much more

15.09.2017 19:26 

Question 1: In which regions and countries MEET-USA.COM is mainly popular and who is the main crowd of the Portal?
Answer 1: MEET-USA.COM portal actively markets and works in CIS countries (Republics of former USSR), but also have many readers in other countries as well. The main Users of the portal are Russian speaking people who are interested and actively seek information on different products and services in USA and are interested in direct contact with reputable and trusted American companies.

Question 2: Where can I get information about conditions and prices for placing Advertisement on the MEET-USA.COM Portal?
Answer 2: You can get information about conditions and prices for placing Advertisement on the MEET-USA.COM Portal.

Question 3: What does it mean 1 (one) impression of Advertisement on the MEET-USA.COM Portal?
Answer 3: Automatic system of the Portal counts 1 (one) impression of your Advertisement for one IP address. If you have paid for 1000 impressions on the Portal, this means that your Ads will be shown to one thousand different users from one thousand different IP address thus the actual number of the impression may be much bigger. So, if the advertisement was shown several times on the same computer or on the same mobile devise, this will still count as 1 impression.

Question 4: May the minimum volume of impressions of purchased advertisement be less than thousand impressions?
Answer 4: No, it is not possible. The minimum number of impressions for any type of purchased advertisement on the portal is one thousand impressions.

Question 5: If the client is interested in products or services of particular company in USA, how he/she can apply?
Answer 5: The Portal is designed by such way, when any interested client can apply to US company directly, without any middleman or agent being involved through the company's page on the portal.

Question 6: What should be done to increase the number and the quality of inquiries to the US company through the MEET-USA.COM Portal?
Answer 6: MEET-USA.COM gives you an opportunity to use different tools to attract new customers for your business. Using all these tools significantly increases the total number of inquiries coming to your company. Detailed information about evaluable marketing tools on the MEET-USA.COM portal you may see.

Question 7: Still have questions?
Answer 7: Contact us at: info@meet-usa.com
Гость (IP: 178.*.*.36)

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