American College of Education (ACE)

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The company's services

• Adult Education and Corporate Training
• Advanced Graduate Study
• Content Area Instruction
• English as a Second Language and Bilingual Education

Bachelor of Science*
• Health and Wellness Services Management

Master of Education
• Advanced Studies
• Curriculum and Instruction
• Early Childhood Education
• Educational Business Administration
• Educational Leadership
• Educational Technology
• Elementary Education
• English as a Second Language and Bilingual Education
• Health and Wellness Education
• Instructional Design and Technology
• Integrated Curriculum
• Literacy
• STEM Leadership
• Teacher Leadership
• Teaching English Learners

Transition to Teaching
• Master of Arts in Elementary Teaching
• Master of Arts in Secondary Teaching
• Transition to Teaching in Elementary Education
• Transition to Teaching in Secondary Education

• Ed.S. in Leadership

• Ed.D. in Leadership

Sphere of activity

Fields of study

Regionally accredited, online college offering bachelor's degree completion programs and advanced-degree programs in Education. Because, the more you learn, the more your students learn.

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