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HCG Diet for Weight Loss
Phentermine for Appetite Suppression
Laser Liposuction
Hormone Replacement Therapy
Food Sensitivity
Thyroid Disorders
Testosterone Replacement
Erectile Dysfunction
IV Nutrition
Adrenal Fatigue

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Are you frustrated with how you feel? 
Are you exhausted? Does your stomach just not feel right? Do you have extra pounds you just can't lose?
Are your labs all "normal" but you still don't feel well? I can help. 

Food sensitivities, vitamin deficiencies, toxins, hormone imbalances, digestive disorders.   When you work with Dr. Thakkar, you'll have an investigative and experienced partner who will help you get to the ROOT of your symptoms through a functional health and wellness approach.  Learn why Dr. Thakkar uses the most complete and customizable lab tests.  Our Approach with Functional Medicine treats the CAUSES of poor health, not the symptoms.

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