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The Civitas family of companies offers a range of products and services for institutional investors, family offices, and qualified individual investors. Through our affiliates, we offer alternative investment strategies and EB-5 investments. Our focus is on serving international clients.

Fields of study

Civitas is dedicated to meeting the special needs of global investors. This is the singular focus underlying everything we do, from alternative investments, to EB-5 fund management, to development and advisory services.
While Civitas provides a range of investment products and services, we view this as the “price of admission,” the minimum that a firm must offer the astute international investors it is our mission to serve. This is because, put simply, such investors do not need yet another array of choices and options. From the very beginning, the Civitas team has been comprised of professionals with experience managing money for sophisticated institutions who demand the highest level of quality and transparency. Our first mandate was a public-private partnership with the municipal government of the City of Dallas, Texas, our hometown, to bring EB-5 investment capital to job-creating projects throughout the city. The federal EB-5 program, through which foreign nationals can receive U.S. permanent residency (a “green card”) in return for investing in a U.S. business that creates jobs for American workers, has proven to be a powerful economic development tool.

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