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A college or university is often defined by the traditions, values, and principles established by its leaders over the course of many years, and how effective those leaders were in infusing these concepts into the culture of the institution.
Over time, these concepts become the cornerstone of the institution's identity and the pillars upon which its mission and vision is built. They should also comprise a large part of the students' personal character as well as serve as a guideline for future generations.
The Division of Student Affairs at Louisiana Tech University has developed twelve guiding principles, or tenets, that exemplify the qualities that Tech students should possess upon graduating from this institution. It is expected that students will conduct themselves according to these tenets during their academic careers at Tech and, after graduating, continue to personify these tenets in their personal and professional lives. In essence, these tenets become more than ideas to be learned; they become a moral and an ethical compass with which to navigate through life.
The Tenets of Tech are as follows: 
  • Confidence (confisio) - A sense of self.
  • Excellence (bonitas) - Appreciation for first-rate experiences.
  • Commitment (commendo) - Accept responsibility as a citizen of the University.
  • Knowledge (agnitio) - Understanding of ideas based on actual experiences.
  • Integrity (integritas) - Ability to defend, evaluate, or question one's own beliefs.
  • Respect (adsurgo) - Acknowledgment of others' beliefs through personal interactions.
  • Leadership (ductus) - Guidance through service, involvement, and mentoring.
  • Loyalty (fides) - Faithfulness to values, commitments, and responsibilities.
  • Enthusiasm (studium) - Excitement for personal characteristics and future opportunities.
  • Caring (affectus) - Affinity for beauty, performing arts, and human culture.
  • Hope (spes) - Belief in future experiences and growth opportunities.
  • Pride (spiritus) - A sense of self-respect.

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