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Childbirth in the USA: temptation bundling

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Medicine in the United States is a guarantee of modern equipment and 24-hour surveillance by specialists. Not surprisingly, many Russians are undergoing treatment in the USA. However, one of the most popular services is delivery. And it's about more than availability of high-quality service.

The Law is Speaking

The 14th amendment to the Constitution states that an infant who was born in the USA automatically becomes its citizen. The only exception is the children of foreign diplomats (ambassadors, ministers, advisers, attachés). It is noteworthy that this right has no statute of limitations. The relevant documents may be issued both immediately and after a few years.
Upon the birth of a child, a certificate is issued that allows you to apply for an American passport.

Visa Processing

Contrary to the prevalent stereotype, pregnant women are allowed to enter the States without problems. Especially if they provide evidence that they have enough money to pay for medical services and then intend to return home. As evidence, bank checks, documents on property, information from the workplace and so on will be useful.
Experts note that the fastest way to get to the country is to request a B1/B2 format visa. Failure is likely in two cases:
1. Suspicion in immigration.
2. Insufficient financial security (a woman will use medical services and will not be able to pay the bill).

Papers and Certificates

In addition to the visa, before flying to the States it is necessary to prepare the following documents :

  • international passport;
  • marriage certificate and its copy certified by a notary;
  • internal passport;
  • all medical documents with ordinary translation;
  • International law rights;
  • a rental agreement (copy) or other document confirming the booked place of residence.

In addition, you may need data about a doctor and a hospital. In the consulate, they are often asked if a mother has an invitation from a doctor or hospital. To get it, just contact the office of your chosen gynecologist, make an appointment and ask to send the appropriate text. In some cases, payment should be transferred immediately after the recording.

Child's Documents

To leave the USA, the baby will need an American passport, birth certificate, SSN (social security number) and a Russian passport. To obtain of the last parents need to come to the consulate, which is in Washington, New York, Houston, Seattle and San Francisco.


In general, air transport is safe for a future mother and child, but it is not recommended to travel by air in the last month and first week after childbirth. The main danger is psychological condition of a mother, other factors affecting health condition are secondary.
It is noteworthy that on board the aircraft there is no obstetric equipment, but the crew of any airline learns to take delivery within the framework of the general program.


Future moms usually fly to Miami or Salt Lake City. There is a mild climate and the most comfortable conditions for residents of the Russian Federation. The birth costs about 25,000 dollars. These include: doctor's fee, cost for stay at hospital, epidural anesthesia, pediatrician’s fee, apartment and car rent, cost of flight, execution of documents and certificates. Food and household expenses are equated to prices in Moscow. If you want to save money, do not resort to the help of intermediary firms, but settle in the medical center yourself. In addition, you can rent a relatively cheap accommodation. Thus, for apartments in the remote area of ​​the city no more than $ 800 a month is required. Often this is a studio or unfurnished apartment with one bedroom. It is worth noting that Internet, electricity and TV are not included in the lease. Prices for a villa in the tourist area (near the ocean) start from 1000-1200 c. u. The most expensive housing are condominiums located on the coast.

Try to register not in the maternity home, but in the large general hospital, as in the case of an emergency situation patients are taken exactly there. Also, be sure to specify if you have insurance or you pay for everything yourself (self pay). Prices may radically differ.

A few words about car rent

Cars are provided by large organizations ("Budget", "Alamo", "Hertz", "Sixt", "Advantage") and small firms. Moreover, it is possible to rent a vehicle from a broker company or through websites that specialize in booking hotels and tickets. To place an order, it is enough to indicate a full name, date and place of receipt-return of a car, its class-specific category. If you choose top-class cars, you need more information. For example, some companies need to provide credit card numbers.

Important nuance

If you are going to give birth in the USA based on medical insurance scheme for the poor, then you will not be given a visa next time. In addition, it is quite possible to obtain a permanent ban on entry. This is the case when mothers misinform the consulate. They do not warn about planned births and say they intend to stay in the USA for only a few days.

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