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Asking the Right QuestionsReal estate in the USA
You’ve heard when Investing in Real Estate the old Adage Location, Location, Location.   While it may be logical that location is the number one factor when it comes to investing in real estate, not everyone realizes that the physical location is only a small part of it 0

Where to learn English in New York: an overview of language schoolsEducation in the USA
English can be learnt where it is spoken - in New York 0

Woodstock Music & Art Fair: the story of a legendary American festivalLife in USA
In the 60s of the last century, societal division occurred in the American society, as a result of which a hippie youth movement appeared 0

Life by American standards: the pros and consLife in USA
The American way of life is a disseminated cliché that is still used in the media when it comes to characterizing US citizens. Along with this, the concept has two sides 0

Curiosity multiplied by luckiness. Who is Elon Musk?Other
They say that nature rests on descendants of talented people, but not in the case with the inventor, businessman and politician Elon Musk as concerning him this statement can be considered an exception to the rules 0

Money in the BankReal estate in the USA
Risk is a natural part of life. Sometimes we take ones that benefit us, and other times we wind up learning a very valuable lesson 0

Are ‘Micro-Mansions’ the Next Big Thing?Real estate in the USA
A Florida developer is betting on modest square footage that’s packed with amenities 0

The History of America: from colonies to the democratic societyLife in USA
The first Europeans who settled in what is now America were the Spaniards and French from the number of navigators. However, since 1607 the British began to actively explore the land 0

Russian Diaspora in the USALife in USA, Immigration to USA
The number of citizens of the United States of America having a Russian origin today exceeds 3 million people. About a fourth of them consider Russian as their natural language - one of the most common non-state languages of the United States 0

Hollywood is a symbol of the US cinema industryLife in USA
Hollywood is the center of the American film industry, one of the most iconic and well-known around the world concepts associated with the United States 0

America's Best City to Live in Is ... Seriously? Again?!Real estate in the USA
Dewy-eyed dreamers have been drawn to the idea of the "perfect city" for decades. But with an overwhelming number of choices, where in the world is the absolute best place to live in America? 0

Foreign-Trained Doctors Have an Ally in Midwestern StateU.S. Medicine
Minnesota may become a national leader in helping foreign-trained physicians 0

Financial aspect of life in the USA: the amounts involved?Life in USA
It is assumed that America is a country that is ideal for living, as the prices here are very affordable. However, everything is relative 0

What languages are spoken in the USALife in USA
We all know that the USA uses the American version of the English language, and it is quite different from the canonical, British version. In recent times, the role of other languages, primarily Spanish and Chinese, has been growing in the United States 0

Blues as a genre of music, which "was given" to the world by the USALife in USA
Blues is a popular genre of music that was "presented" to the world by the United States. Blues was born among the people from Africa 0

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