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Woodstock Music & Art Fair: the story of a legendary American festivalLife in USA
In the 60s of the last century, societal division occurred in the American society, as a result of which a hippie youth movement appeared 0

Life by American standards: the pros and consLife in USA
The American way of life is a disseminated cliché that is still used in the media when it comes to characterizing US citizens. Along with this, the concept has two sides 0

Hollywood is a symbol of the US cinema industryLife in USA
Hollywood is the center of the American film industry, one of the most iconic and well-known around the world concepts associated with the United States 0

American muscle carsLife in USA
Car history of the United States could hardly be imagined without the era of the oil muscle cars, which lasted from the mid-60's to the early 70's of the last century 0

The US ConstitutionLife in USA
The US Constitution is rightfully considered the first in the world. It was adopted in 1787, on September 7 and is currently in force having passed a minimum number of revisions 0

The History of America: from colonies to the democratic societyLife in USA
The first Europeans who settled in what is now America were the Spaniards and French from the number of navigators. However, since 1607 the British began to actively explore the land 0

Russian Diaspora in the USAImmigration to USA, Life in USA
The number of citizens of the United States of America having a Russian origin today exceeds 3 million people. About a fourth of them consider Russian as their natural language - one of the most common non-state languages of the United States 0

Blues as a genre of music, which "was given" to the world by the USALife in USA
Blues is a popular genre of music that was "presented" to the world by the United States. Blues was born among the people from Africa 0

Native americansLife in USA
Everyone knows that the indigenous population of America is presented by the Indians 0

Police in the USALife in USA
Owing to the films about the American police, we have some idea about the servants of Themis in the United States. However, not all of the information is true and by no means, not all true information about the US police is known to the wide range of population 0

Financial aspect of life in the USA: the amounts involved?Life in USA
It is assumed that America is a country that is ideal for living, as the prices here are very affordable. However, everything is relative 0

What languages are spoken in the USALife in USA
We all know that the USA uses the American version of the English language, and it is quite different from the canonical, British version. In recent times, the role of other languages, primarily Spanish and Chinese, has been growing in the United States 0

Jazz is truly American musicLife in USA
Jazz is a musical trend that originated in the late 19th century in the United States. Having passed the way from popular music of the masses to highly intellectual art, jazz has and continues to exert tremendous influence on the musical and cultural traditions of the whole world 0

US Pension SchemeLife in USA
The US pension system is considered one of the most balanced and stable in the world. The size of pensions in the USA is higher than in other countries of the West, and people eligible for retirement are classified as well-to-do 0

Where the wealthiest Americans live?Life in USA
Forbes annually publishes the list of the richest people in the USA - Forbes 400. And although some of them may become richer or poorer in just a few days or weeks after publication of the list, TOP 10 usually remains unchanged, although sometimes members of the list change their places 0

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