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No wall - no government

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The US president requires the government to make decision on construction of a wall on the border with Mexico, on closure of the Green Card Lottery, which allows 50,000 immigrants annually to obtain a residence permit, on Catch & Release program, on practice of releasing immigrants arrested for illegal crossing the border until their cases are not considered.

He wrote about it on his Twitter account yesterday.

"I will be ready to "close" the government if the Democrats do not vote for security of the border, including the wall! We need to get rid of the Lottery, Catch & Release, etc., and finally go to the immigration system based on merit! We need great people to come to the country! "

This is not the first attempt of such pressure on the government. This year, twice already - in January and February - his funding was suspended.   
Trump wants $ 5 billion for the border wall this year, but he made it clear that he can wait until the end of the "midterm elections" scheduled for November 6. On this day the lower house of the US Congress - the House of Representatives and more than 30 senators out of 100 will be completely re-elected. In addition, the governors of the states and territories will be re-elected.

The closure of the government is not beneficial to either Republicans or Democrats, so they will try to prevent this.

A Republican congressman from Ohio State Steve Stevers expressed his opinion on ABC: "I do not think that we are going to close the government. You know, I think that we will try to ensure preservation of the government, but we are going to improve the policy of immigration. "


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