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Trump's whirlwind G20 set to begin after he cancels Putin meetingPolitics
President Donald Trump was only a half-hour into his nine-hour flight to the G20 summit when he decided to pull the plug on the face-to-face with Russian President Vladimir Putin 0

"Honduran Caravan" at the US borderPolitics
Several buses with hundreds of migrants arrived in the border town of Tijuana, Mexico 0

Interim US Elections 2018Politics
Republicans have Senate, Democrats have House of Representatives 0

Bombs for DemocratsPolitics
Cesar Sayoc was brought to trial on charges of violating article 5 of the US Penal Code, including transportation of explosives, illegal mailing of explosives, threats to former and current federal employees 0

US president's resignation threatens with public disorders and economic crisisPolitics
The possibility of impeachment to President Trump is stirring the political beau monde of Washington with new strength. Congressmen, experts, press - everyone calculates the chances of Donald Trump to stay in power 0

No wall - no governmentPolitics
Donald Trump threatens to suspend work of the government if Democrats do not support his immigration initiatives 0

After the summitPolitics
The world community discusses the results of the first full-scale meeting of the US and Russian presidents and statements that were made during the press conference 0

Trump Pushes Congress for Immigration OverhaulPolitics
U.S. President Donald Trump again called on Congress Thursday to overhaul the country's immigration laws 0

New flash of immigration passions in the USAPolitics
The fight against illegal migration is the forte that brought in Donald Trump into the White House, therefore, during 17 months of his reign, he systematically implements the tasks set 0

It finally happened…Politics
 This meeting is already called a "historically significant", "epochal event".  After all, the leaders of these two countries - United States and North Korea really shook hands for the first time at the official summit 0

The new chief of the American diplomacy: what is the «threat»?Politics
The Senate approved the candidacy of Mike Pompeo for the post of the Head of the US State Department 0

What's in store for a new tax reform?Politics
The US Congress approved the bill that will entail the most sweeping changes in tax legislation over the past 30 0

Trump thanked Putin for his appreciationPolitics
During a telephone conversation between the presidents 0

The USA does not want to participate in the global migration agreementPolitics
"We will ourselves decide who to be let go into the country and how to protect our borders" 0