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Trump has a plan to reduce prices for medicines

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Trump reducing the prices of prescription drugs

Last Friday, President Trump delivered a speech on reducing the prices of prescription drugs.    

Addressing the population, Trump stressed that today there is a problem of drug prices: they are higher than a large number of older people can afford. And so there was a need to meet the needs of people.    

According to the representatives of the White House, the government's strategy involves deciding how to make generics more affordable for older people with low incomes. To do this, first, it will be allowed to the companies producing generics to enter the market with a large number of new drugs. It will simplify the procedure, which now restricts the companies and does not allow to bring developed generics to the market.

Secondly,  rise in prices for them should be adequate, taking into account the growth in the level of inflation. Thirdly, work will be carried out with medical personnel for them not seek to include high-value drugs in prescriptions. This will be the task of the Food and Drug Administration

Officials said that a part of proposals are of an administrative nature, whereas for others it will be necessary to approve laws by the Congress.


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