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The leading US corporations will treat their employees on their own behalf

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Warren Buffett, "Jeff" Bezos  and "Jamie" Dimon
Warren Buffett, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, "Jeff" Bezos, The Founder of and "Jamie" Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase

Amazon, BerkshireHathaway corporation and the largest national bank JPMorganChase stated that they plan to create a joint structure to provide hundreds of thousands of their employees with affordable health insurance. This piece of news has led to a drop in the share price of medical insurance companies on US exchanges.

Corporations intend to form a non-profit organization that will provide high-quality medical services for about half a million of their employees in the United States.

Moreover, their work patterns will be more simple and transparent.

It is assumed that this structure will be able to directly enter into contracts with manufacturers of medicines, doctors and hospitals, and also better organize work to reduce costs. Theoretically, this will exclude such "intermediaries" as medical insurance companies.

The problem of health insurance is one of the "most prickly and most expensive" among the people, and its solution is of great importance. Three leaders - Warren Buffett (BerkshireHathaway), Jeff Bezos (Amazon) and Jamie Diamond (JPMorganChase), who in addition to business have friendly relations, discussed the provision of medical services to their employees for several years, and now we see the outputs.

Analyzing the situation experts predict that such practice can become " inspiring ", and other large companies can follow their example.


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