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Is EB5 a brand? If you are not a brand - you do not exist!

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Bewilderment. That's what I feel, regularly facing the obvious one-sidedness and rigidity of many of my colleagues in the USA who work in the EB5 sphere. This is especially true of the Regional Centers. The recipe for success of EB5 program in the CIS countries is obvious and very simple, but as it turned out, the distance between the recipe and a "ready-made dish" is incredibly great!

A lot of companies in the USA, including in the EB5 area, are aware of our MEET-USA.COM project. Only a few months after setting of the portal we established cooperation with many American companies in various fields: tourism, education, real estate, legal and immigration services, employment. There are many Regional Centers. However, the management of a large number of the Regional Centers still does not understand why we provide customers without charging any commission or other fees for this. Everyone likes this fact unequivocally, but in reality, it turned out to be extremely difficult to force the Regional Centers to look at the work on attracting investors to EB5 program on the other hand, different from the Chinese model!

Of course, if we talk about working in China, then EB5 program in this country is already a brand. Philip Kotler, professor of international marketing at the Graduate School of Management, JL Kellogg at Northwestern University, said: "The most important concept in marketing is the notion of a brand. If you are not a brand, you do not exist. Who are you then? You are an ordinary commodity." So, EB5 in the CIS is still not a brand. This is the reason for low number of investors from this region, despite the fact that in general, the demand for the USA as a product or service is very high. I wrote about this in my article "The Complexities of the EB5 Program in Russia". In the same material I wrote about a companion problem. Customer s in the CIS prefer to work directly with the end company, and not with an agency or intermediary. Nobody likes mediators. But the fact is that in addition to intermediaries in the CIS there is no official representation of the Regional Center. Of course, there are no customers! It is obvious! If no one knows a manufacturer, no one will buy his goods. In other words, a huge CIS market with an incredibly high demand for the USA simply does not have the ability to purchase the product in which there is a need.

And instead of going to the market and starting work the Regional Centers talk about the reasons for this small demand. How can you talk about whether a dish is good or bad if you have never tried it???  For example, hundreds and hundreds of real estate companies in the USA do not hold such discussions, just as they are not held by the companies in the field of education, employment, companies that provide medical services or investment firms. They are all already actively working in the CIS, have a steady flow of capital from these countries and are thinking more about how to develop their work.

But let us back to the Regional Centers and opportunities that our portal provides. Here it is necessary to say loudly that our portal is not an agency! They do not like to work with intermediaries here, remember? We quote a customer , but we do not take any fees or other payments from a company in the USA. We are a large marketing company with a full range of services. And that's why we do not take commissions. We have different packages of services at a specific cost. This is our business! And we are steadily growing and developing because we are doing our business perfectly!

Almost every day new companies from the USA come to us, they need new customers. Our income is directly related to the success of our customers. The more customers our advertisers have, the more customers we have in the end. It is a logical, understandable and most importantly, completely transparent model! But among other things we are also at the request of American firms (that for various reasons do not have the opportunity to lead a Russian-speaking customer) still engaged in the whole preparatory process since the moment of getting acquainted with a potential investor until he is ready to transfer his money to you! That's why we are trusted by customers, so they come to us, they also, as our partners in the USA see transparency of the model without seeing hidden problems and additional payments. Of course this is not all the reasons why the popularity of our project is growing every day. In article "Why MEET-USA.COM?" You can see all the main reasons why we are trusted and people come exactly to us.

But going back to the main idea of ​​this article, I’d like to reiterate once again that our portal is a marketing project created for convenience of each and every one. The goal of marketing is to achieve the desired position of a company, brand or product. Its goal is to learn and understand a customer well securing that goods or service will be exactly suitable to the last one and to sell ourselves. And as the well-known English historian, publicist and politician Thomas Macaulay has wisely noted: "Only the mint can make money without advertising."

That's why I encourage all my American colleagues to look at the task of attracting investors to EB5 Program at another point. Do you remember that no company should consider its position in the market as something unchanged. We need to constantly assess the situation again and search new opportunities. It's not me who said it, Bill Gates said.

And do not forget that correct decision taken late is a mistake!


Denis Karasyov, CEO of Pangaea Investment Company, founder of MEET-USA.COM Portal

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