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Major US cities

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New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles are known for the cultic cinema films, but the largest US city remains behind the mainstream brackets of the American culture.



Sitka is the largest city in the USA, it is in the state of Alaska, its area is 12,462 km. Once the Russian city of Novo-Arkhangelsk (the sale act took place on October 18, 1867) can not boast of the presence of architectural monuments, unlike the neighboring ski resort of Anchorage, Fairbanks and the capital of the State of Juneau. A part of the huge territory of the city is made up of areas that seem, at first glance, uninhabited. It is Sitka of all the cities of Alaska that is loved by tourists who appreciate boating and especially like ecological rambling.

San Jose


San Jose is the heart of California. The peculiar Spanish cultural heritage is next to the cult of new technologies being introduced into the everyday life at every step. Taxi is the main way to transport guests by San Jose, this should be remembered by tourists. The atmosphere of the city is determined by abundance of hotels and museums.

San Diego


San Diego is one of the largest Pacific ports, an administrative center and the southernmost point of California State. The city was once a part of Mexico, but it was later annexed to the United States on the basis of the military actions of the 19th century. The zoo with alleys and aviaries occupying 40 hectares in the city park of Balbo refers to the famous places of San Diego.



Dallas, located on the banks of the Trinity River in the northeastern part of Texas and named after the American politician George Dallas, is famous for the fact that it was here that President John F. Kennedy was killed. The recognizable sightseeing attractions of Dallas are the Art Museum, Botanical Garden and historic West End district.

San Antonio


San Antonio is a multicultural city in Texas, full of cult monuments of Indian culture, early Catholic temples; tourists are happy to walk here along the River-Vok embankment, admiring the fortress of Alamo.



Phoenix is a city in Arizona, on its map there are irrigation canals that were built by the indigenous population in the pre-colonial period that are still in force. The history of the city originates in the era of the Civil War, there are enterprises of several American brands here.



Philadelphia is the largest city in Pennsylvania, although Harrisburg is the capital of the state. The name of the city, founded in the late XVII century is translated by Protestant Quakers as "brotherly love." In Philadelphia in 1776 the Declaration of US Independence was signed.



Houston is an industrial giant city, the largest US port, capital of the aerospace industry. This is the fourth most populous city in the United States, its architectural appearance is striking in eclecticism, retaining all styles that succeeded each other in Texas in different periods.



Chicago in Illinois State is a symbol not only of the "dry law" that operated in the United States in the 1920s, but also is a starting point for the spread of Catholic Jesuit culture and education in the North America. Tourists come to Chicago to admire the skyscrapers, Millinium Park and Buckingham Fountain.

Los Angeles


Los Angeles or the "City of Angels" is the heart of tourism, here Hollywood, Beverly Hills celebrity area and the world-famous Santa Monica resort are located with endless beaches and entertainment centers.

New York


New York is a city so strongly associated with the United States that sometimes Americans consider it to be the capital, confusing it with Washington. The population of the city is about 9 million, here creators of postmodern culture and success-seeking entrepreneurs are invariably directed to this city; here, on the Liberty Island, 3 km from Manhattan, there is the statue having the same name - symbol of the United States.

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