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Top 10 US Attractions

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The United States of America is a diversifield country, like nothing on earth. We have collected the most interesting sights of the North America and, in particular, those of the USA, which are worth a visit by every inhabitant of our planet.

1. The Statue of Liberty

Статуя Свободы

It’s a true symbol of the whole of America and its culture, and one of the most important cities in the country - New York. This world-famous lady with a burning torch in her hand was made in France, from where she was brought and placed on her own island near Manhattan.

Tourists believe that if a person did not visit the Statue of Liberty, then he/she was not in America! The photos with posing on the background of this monument and in the same posture, with a proudly extended hand are very popular.

2. Manhattan


The heart of New York and embodiment of all that we imagine, hearing the mention of the United States. It is the most expensive, populous, prestigious and famous area with an incredibly high concentration of shopping and office centers.

Here a huge variety of Hollywood movies were shot, beginning from thrillers to melodramas. And it's worth visiting here to feel like a part of the American culture.

The Times Square is "crossroads of the world" being worthy of separate attention, it is the quintessence of the American way of life, as well as the Central Park of New York - the world's most famous park, where residents and visitors of the metropolitan city rest from the wild rhythm of life.

3. Mount Rushmore

Гора Рашмор

Huge bas-relief portraits of 18,6 m in height, representing four most significant presidents of the United States: Jefferson, Washington, Lincoln and Roosevelt.
Among the unremarkable landscapes of South Dakota this extraordinary and enchanting combination of natural beauty and man-made art overlooks.

4. Niagara Falls

Ниагарский водопад

The highest waterfall in the world, familiar to each of us owing to the school lessons of geography. And many of us even remember the picture in the textbook with this wonderful natural phenomenon.
Today, in the era of a developed tourism, one can see this beauty and power with own eyes! This can be one of the most vivid impressions in life. One can fly to the waterfall by helicopter or look inside it: from the tunnel under a powerful stream of water. And, of course, one can admire the coast from different angles and see not only the external beauty, but also hear the magic noise of falling water!

5. Washington Monument

Монумент Вашингтона

A little bit short of reaching a height of 170 meters, this granite guglio symbolizes the inviolability of the state power of the States. It is located between the White House and Capitol (these attractions are also worthy of attention of tourists).

The monument may be admired both from outside, and from its top climbing onto it! There are 896 steps leading to it, as well as an elevator.

6. The Golden Gate Bridge

Мост Золотые ворота

San Francisco once was proud of the longest bridge in the world, built in 1937. And although today the garland of the Golden Gate has long passed to more modern buildings, but beauty and greatness will remain with this bridge forever!

Traveling of movies’ heroes and a selection of photos from the USA almost never do without this bridge. It's definitely worth to drive through it or at least watch from the outside.

7. The Lincoln Memorial 

Мемориал Линкольна

A must-see sightseeing attraction for those who love history, mysterious riddles and legends. At the entrance to a strict building in the antique style tourists are met by the 16th President of the United States - Abraham Lincoln. And the guides will gladly tell you about the legends and secrets that envelop this memorial.

8. Grand Canyon


Another wonderful creation of nature, from the sight to which any, even the most experienced traveler, feels chokey! The Grand Canyon is rightly considered the most unusual geological object on the Earth.

And especially for tourists over the canyon a glass platform is built, which opens a delightful view.

9. Las Vegas


The capital of entertainment is not only in the North America, but, perhaps, in the whole world. It attracts fans of gambling and just curious tourists who want to at least briefly plunge into the atmosphere of wealth, carefree and try their luck at the best casinos on the planet.

Moreover, it is popular to make marriages in this city. Tourists specially prepare documents and go to Las Vegas instead of a traditional wedding. The main thing here is not to be carried away, and not to leave the last money!

10. Yellowstone National Park

Национальный парк Йеллоустоун

A wonderful place for lovers of untouched nature. Here there are geysers, picturesque landscapes and clean lakes and rivers, as well as, rich flora and fauna. In the vast territory of the park you can just walk around and do various kinds of outdoor activities.

This facility is included in the list of UNESCO being a real pride of the United States.

In the USA, everyone will find a tourist attraction that attracts him/her the most. Do not miss the opportunity and visit this interesting and so far corner of the world.

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