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Asking the Right QuestionsReal estate in the USA
You’ve heard when Investing in Real Estate the old Adage Location, Location, Location.   While it may be logical that location is the number one factor when it comes to investing in real estate, not everyone realizes that the physical location is only a small part of it 0

Are ‘Micro-Mansions’ the Next Big Thing?Real estate in the USA
A Florida developer is betting on modest square footage that’s packed with amenities 0

Money in the BankReal estate in the USA
Risk is a natural part of life. Sometimes we take ones that benefit us, and other times we wind up learning a very valuable lesson 0

America's Best City to Live in Is ... Seriously? Again?!Real estate in the USA
Dewy-eyed dreamers have been drawn to the idea of the "perfect city" for decades. But with an overwhelming number of choices, where in the world is the absolute best place to live in America? 0