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Американский автопром

In many respects, the American automotive industry is considered one of the largest in the world. Only in the 80s of the last century Japan managed to outperform the United States in the volume of domestic market and exploitation of mass production of cars. And during the world crisis of 2008, the first place in the ratings was already occupied by the Chinese automobile industry. However, this does not prevent the USA from producing about 8 million vehicles a year today.
When we talk about American cars, of course, the names of Walter Chrysler and Henry Ford come to mind. These two people at one time turned the notion of what a modern, comfortable, high-quality car should be. At present this impression on cars produced in the States is maintained in the minds of drivers, too. The most famous cars of America are considered to be: Jeep, Chevrolet, Ford, Cadillac, Lincoln, Tesla.
Many of them are now the leaders of the world car industry, many are widely claimed far beyond the United States. American cars have always demonstrated good power and softness of stroke. These qualities are in demand among many European drivers. But if you decide to invest in buying a second-hand Ford or a new Chevrolet, it's important to take into account the features of the cars impregnated with true spirit of the Yankees!

The specifics of American cars

американский джип

To understand the logic of any car brought from the States, it is important to take into account the peculiarities of American mentality and high demands of the inhabitants of the country of Freedom. Any such car cannot be confused with a strict "Japanese" or relaxed "Korean". There are too many specific characteristics typical to them. 
  1. Dimensions of a vehicle. For a long time Americans believed that only full-size cars are ideal for an average driver. Take, for example, a standard pickup truck. In normal models, the length of its body is more than 5 meters. There are still elongated seven-meter series in 2 meters wide. This kind of a low-tonnage truck on the city road was extremely popular even 15-20 years ago. Today, the views toward a good car have changed somewhat, but the "consequences" in the form of machines of increased dimensions can be still encountered.
  2. A big volume of the engine is one more feature of the American car industry. Herewith, the volume is not proportional to the power. Manufacturers have made it this way only to increase the resource. Motors from the USA are well tolerating refueling by not the most expensive fuel - there will be no problems. The only drawback is that in our country taxes on use of cars with a large engine do not please either the purse or its owner.
  3. Unexpected difficulties with the steering and soft suspension. The first feature is due to the fact that in the USA there are almost no sharp turns, so on American roads, tight steering does not create difficulties for a driver. The second is related to absence of problems with the quality of roads. In the Russian conditions, a car with an American suspension will not last long. Therefore, if you are driving a car from overseas, immediately  think about replacing a suspension.
  4. Availability of automatic transmissions, which we have become accustomed to recently, unlike the inhabitants of the United States, enjoying all the benefits of automatic transmission since the 1950s. The only drawback is the increased cost of repairing a vehicle.

Brands and popular models of American cars


“Buick" is one of the most "ancient cars in the States. The founder of the brand was David Buick, a native of Scotland, one of the greatest inventors in the history of the United States. In the early 20th century, the corporation became part of General Motors, but the brand continues to exist by this day. It is not fortuitous that two years ago a new concept car BuickAvista with a biturbomotor was presented under this brand on the well-known automobile platform of Detroit.


"Cadillac" is a favorite brand of Elvis Presley! And what is more it is a car that celebrities and American presidents do not disdain to acquire. The brand is doing well to this day. One of its last flagships was "Cadillac CTS" presented at the auto show in Paris. And in 2017, in the country of the Arab sheikhs, the brand presented the world crossover XT5.


“Chevrolet”. It is irreplaceable! The manufacturer of elegant, stylish and very mobile cars, the logo for which was developed by Louis Joseph, a French racer. The rights to the brand belong to the Vanderbild clan, and it itself enjoys an unprecedented demand in Europe. Only in the last two years the world has managed to get acquainted with the novelties of this brand - sedan "Malibu", five-door hatchback ChevroletCruze, as well as crossovers Equinox, Trax and Traverse.


"Ford" is a concern that, perhaps, experienced the greatest number of ups and downs of the US economy, that was able to maintain the principles of its founder for many decades. The brand, according to all the statistics, which is considered the most sold American car both inside the country and outside it.
 Unfortunately, the "sharks" of the US auto industry, which for many years occupied the leading positions in terms of sales and popularity, ceased to exist. We are talking about "Chrysler" and "General Motors" cars. "Chrysler" refused to release new models in 2000, GMC could not survive the 2008 oil crisis.

The state of the industry today 

The US automotive market is characterized by considerable power. It is no accident that for many bookmakers the state of the automobile industry has always been considered one of the signs of the country's economic well-being. For any American, life without a car is like living without legs.
It has to be said that in the past couple of years there has been a steady drop in world demand for cars supplied from the United States. This fall was noticeable in 2017: sources reported that several hundreds of thousands of machines had accumulated in the warehouses of American manufacturers. In this regard, the current president of the country Donald Trump decided to impose certain restrictions on importation of cars from Japan and Europe (in particular, from Germany) to the United States.
Many experts say that decline in demand at the moment is a natural process associated with a certain instability in the world economy, desire of civilized countries to improve the environmental situation in cities and beyond. Steadily high export performance to date continues to be shown by Ford and notorious Tesla.

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