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Popular US Presidents

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Presidents of the United States, however, like the rulers of any other country, show and continue to show varying degrees of love for their citizens. Some of them have been forgotten and are not even recalled by professional historians, while others continue to be idols of the nation. There are many ratings of the popularity of US presidents among Americans, which differ both in the depth of assessment and audience among which polls are conducted. However, the first "dozen" of American presidents in terms of people's love for them remains virtually unchanged (with rare changes that occur from time to time). The rating of the most popular US presidents looks as follows

1. Abraham Lincoln

Авраам Линкольн

The 16th US President, a nation-wide favorite, was a liberator of African slaves. He is famous for the fact that during his reign in the United States the Civil War took place, won by Lincoln supporters. This largely predetermined the course of development of the United States and world history. Abraham Lincoln was killed in the theater in 1865.

2. George Washington

Джордж Вашингтон

The first American president and one of the founders of the United States. He got the maximum support in the elections. He was a participant in the war with Great Britain. He served as president for 2 terms. George Washington was a big slave owner.

3. Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Франклин Делано Рузвельт

He was a 32nd President, who held this post for 4 consecutive terms. One of the key and iconic figures of the 20th century. Roosevelt won the elections in 1932, when the US occurred in a grip of the most severe economic crisis. The third term of Roosevelt as president of the United States fell on the Second World War, after which the United States significantly strengthened its influence in the world due to the efficient policy of its president.

4. Theodore Roosevelt

Теодор Рузвельт

He was a 26th US President. He was vice-president of McKinley, who was killed because of the attempt. Becoming a president after the murder of his predecessor, Theodore Roosevelt continued his policy of establishing the United States as a world power. He implemented "the policy of a big club," he fought against trusts and monopolies. Being the youngest president of the United States in history (took office for the first time in 42 years). The first of the American rulers who became the Nobel Peace Prize winner.

5. Dwight David Eisenhower

Дуайт Дэвид Эйзенхауэр

He was a 34th US president, serving for two consecutive terms. He was a famous military figure of the first half of the 20th century, was awarded by many military awards, including the Order of Victory. During the reign of Eisenhower, the war in Korea was over, the United States was actively moving along the path of becoming a world superpower. 

6. Harry Truman

Гарри Трумэн

He was a 33rd US President, the predecessor of Eisenhower. He held office after the premature death of Roosevelt, being his vice-president. He continued Roosevelt's efforts to establish the US as an economic hegemon. He was a fervid opponent of the USSR, one of the supporters of the Cold War. During the reign of Truman the United States entered the Korean War, a NATO military-political bloc was created and famous Marshall Plan was developed.

7. Thomas Jefferson

Томас Джефферсон

He was a third President of the United States. A prominent figure in the period of formation of a young state, one of the founding fathers of the United States, he was also the author of the Declaration of Independence of the United States.

8. John Kennedy

Джон Кеннеди

He was a 35th US president, one of the country's most famous leaders, who was killed by Lee Harvey Oswald in Dallas. Under Kennedy, the United States entered a space race with the USSR, active participation in the war in Vietnam began; there was the famous Caribbean crisis and a number of other stages of confrontation between the two powers took place. Kennedy fought for the rights of blacks, reaching significant heights on this path, he also developed the space program "Apollo".

9. Ronald Reagan

Рональд Рейган

He was a 40th President of the United States, a famous actor. The author of large changes in the economic, military and political life of the United States, defense budget of the country grew by 1.5 times under Reagan in comparison with his predecessors. He tackled crime quite successfully. The US economy of the period of the reign of Ronald Reagan is called "Reaganomics." He contributed to the winding down of “cold war", signed a number of important agreements on  reduction of strategic weapons between the USA and USSR.

10. Lyndon Johnson

Линдон Джонсон

He was a 36th US president, who took office after Kennedy's assassination. Under Johnson, an act was passed prohibiting segregation on the basis of race; mandatory medical insurance was introduced.

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