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American holidays

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American holidays are not just fun concerning another significant date, but a sincere tribute to the centuries-old traditions of this amazing multinational country. If in other countries most holidays are celebrated in noisy friendly companies, then for Americans this is another reason to get together at plain fare and spend the day in a close circle of the family.
In America, there are three main categories of holidays of a certain theme. Each of them has a special meaning and is celebrated in accordance with a certain ceremony of festivity.

International holidays


Christmas-Day. Date of celebration is December 25th. The most beloved and expected holiday for children and adults. To create a festive mood, people decorate houses with multicolored sparkling garlands, hang knitted socks of incredible size on fireplaces and look forward to appearance of Santa Claus with a full bag of gifts.

Новый год

New Year. The second most popular international holiday, beloved by Americans, which is celebrated on January 1st. On New Year's Eve, New Yorkers have one beautiful tradition. At midnight, people gather in Times Square to see the New Year ball "balldrop" with their own eyes. It is noteworthy that periodically the design of this attraction is changing.


Easter holiday.
The main religious holiday of the Catholic Church, which traditionally takes place on a Sunday spring day. The sliding date of the celebration is determined depending on the data of a lunar and solar calendars. For adults it is a compulsory visit to the church, for children - a fun and exciting "hunt" for colorful Easter eggs.

State holidays of the United States of America

День Мартина Лютера Кинга

Martin Luther King Day.
It is celebrated every third Monday of January every year. This great orator, preacher and braveheart won wide sympathy thanks to the peaceful struggle for equal civil rights. At the time of receiving the Nobel Prize for great achievements, he gave a speech titled "I Have a Dream", known by heart by modern Americans.

Президентский день

Presidents' Day. Traditionally, it is celebrated every third Monday of the last winter month. On this day in the USA the birthday of the most beloved and distinguished American president - George Washington is celebrated.   

День памяти павших

Memorial Day. It's not really a holiday. It can be compared with May 9th in Russia. The annual significant event falls on 30th of May. On this day, it is customary for Americans to visit cemeteries, bring flowers to the foot of memorials and to the graves of unknown soldiers who sacrificed their lives for freedom of their compatriots.

День независимости

Independence Day. The holiday is dedicated to signing a declaration on independence of the American state from other influential countries. The celebration takes place on July 4th each year and is accompanied by merry folk festivals with colorful fireworks. 

National Holidays of the United States

День отца

Father's Day.
Traditionally, it is celebrated every third Sunday of June. On this holiday,  children pathetically congratulate their fathers, and they, in turn, treat their relatives with juicy steaks made in-house.


Hallowe'en. The most mystical holiday of America, which falls on the 31st of October. Scary masks, frightening scenery and traditional collection of sweets are the main ingredients of the eerie and unrestrained fun.   

День святого Валентина

Saint Valentine's Day. The most romantic day of a year is the 14th of February. On this holiday lovers swear to one another in eternal love, they say sincere tender words and give sweet gifts as a sign of their high feelings.

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