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The US is the world's largest economy. Naturally, the American brands literally flooded the whole world. Many of them are known to us from our early childhood, take, for example, "McDonald's" or "Coca-Cola." All world tables of ranks contain popular American brands, and what is more, it concerns any industry.

We will not be able to list all the famous American brands, but we will try to present a small TOP-10.


Google is a brand known all over the world. The company, which owns the brand, has just over two decades of history, but during this time Google has managed to become the world's most famous trademark. Moreover, Google has the status of the most expensive brand, brand with the best reputation having many other titles and statuses.


Coca-Cola also does not need additional advertising. This American brand has long been among the most famous and recognizable in the world. Immediately, Coca-Cola company owns a number of other well-known brands - Fanta, Sprite, Nestea and others.


Nike are American clothing brands which are popular all over the world. Nike is a vivid confirmation of that. The company is known for being the first to attract famous sportsmen to advertise its products, which subsequently became a common practice. Currently, Nike is considered the leader in production of sports shoes.


Apple is a brand that does not need to be represented. We will not talk about figures, but half of the world's inhabitants are dreaming about Apple products (while the rest are already using it). Under Apple brand computers, smartphones, tablets and other products are produced. The brand takes the leading positions in the ratings by value, turnover, net profit.


Ford — In the USA cars are produced under different brands, known throughout the world, but "Ford" is worthy to be highlighted at least for the fact that it was the founder of the company that gave the impetus to the world automotive industry, putting production of cars on a conveyor. Now "Ford" brand is known all over the world as a manufacturer of reliable, high-quality and inexpensive cars.


McDonald`s is the largest restaurant chain of the world, which employs about half a million people.


Starbucks is a network of coffee shops around the world, a popular American brand, but little known in our country. In coffee houses one can buy natural coffee, drinks based on it, light snacks, other drinks, including beer and wine. In addition, customers can purchase coffee beans.

Amazon is an American brand with the activities connected to Internet commerce. It rightfully bears the title of the world's largest Internet site. Amazon company was created in 1994 and initially only dealt with sale of books. Now the company trades other goods, too, including food, children's toys, consumer electronics, electronic books and so on. Amazon founder, John Bezos is considered the richest man in the world with a capital of over $ 100 billion.


Disney was founded almost a hundred years ago, the company ranks first in the field of the film industry in terms of turnover, recognition and other parameters. Each of us from the very childhood is familiar with Disney logo still for films and cartoons. Currently, Disney owns a film studio and 11 amusement parks located in different countries, and known as Disneyland, as well as television and radio broadcasting networks.


Microsoft is the largest company that produces software. It is one of the most famous American brands, which owns a number of others, no less famous ones (Windows, Microsoft Office). The founder of the company, Bill Gates, for a long time was the richest man on the planet, currently he holds a second position in this rating.

This list may be continued indefinitely, when talking about other popular American brands. Such famous American clothing brands, as Tommy Hilfiger, Wrangler, Nautica, Levi`s, Gap, Calvin Klein, Converse, Michael Kors and others were not included in the list.

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