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American jeansLife in USA
For 150 years, jeans from a purely utilitarian work clothes have become an element of an everyday wardrobe 0

The history of the US flagLife in USA
It will be fair to admit that the national banner of the United States of America is the most recognizable in the world 0

US StatesLife in USA
Administratively, the USA includes 50 states and Federal District of Columbia. The states have a fairly large internal sovereignty, having their own flags, laws and so on 0

Popular US PresidentsLife in USA
Presidents of the United States, however, like the rulers of any other country, show and continue to show varying degrees of love for their citizens 0

American kinds of sportsLife in USA
Americans are a sporting nation, they love and respect sports and are actively interested in it 0

Time in the USALife in USA
In the USA time has its own characteristics in terms of its perception and designation 0

American holidaysLife in USA
American holidays are not just fun concerning another significant date, but a sincere tribute to the centuries-old traditions of this amazing multinational country 0

Diasporas in the USALife in USA
The most numerous diasporas of the USA are Indian, Chinese, Jewish, Mexican, Russian, Ukrainian, Arab, Afro- American 0

The History of the US EmblemLife in USA
A few are familiar with a state emblem of the United States - especially since such a notion is missing among the official sources 0

American brandsLife in USA
The US is the world's largest economy. Naturally, the American brands literally flooded the whole world 0

American dreamLife in USA
The American dream is more than a lot of money, an expensive car and a big house on the outskirts 0

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