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Jazz is truly American musicLife in USA
Jazz is a musical trend that originated in the late 19th century in the United States. Having passed the way from popular music of the masses to highly intellectual art, jazz has and continues to exert tremendous influence on the musical and cultural traditions of the whole world 0

Immigration in the USA: from the colonial preiod till nowadaysImmigration to USA
The United States is a country with the population fully formed of migrants arrived from other countries 0

US Pension SchemeLife in USA
The US pension system is considered one of the most balanced and stable in the world. The size of pensions in the USA is higher than in other countries of the West, and people eligible for retirement are classified as well-to-do 0

Police in the USALife in USA
Owing to the films about the American police, we have some idea about the servants of Themis in the United States. However, not all of the information is true and by no means, not all true information about the US police is known to the wide range of population 0

American kinds of sportsLife in USA
Americans are a sporting nation, they love and respect sports and are actively interested in it 0

American muscle carsLife in USA
Car history of the United States could hardly be imagined without the era of the oil muscle cars, which lasted from the mid-60's to the early 70's of the last century 0

The US Embassy in RussiaU.S. Politics
Having established diplomatic relations in 1933 the United States and Russia exchanged еtheir embassies. The first US ambassador to the USSR was William Bullitt, and in the Russian Federation, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Thomas Pickering 0

The US ConstitutionLife in USA
The US Constitution is rightfully considered the first in the world. It was adopted in 1787, on September 7 and is currently in force having passed a minimum number of revisions 0

Where the wealthiest Americans live?Life in USA
Forbes annually publishes the list of the richest people in the USA - Forbes 400. And although some of them may become richer or poorer in just a few days or weeks after publication of the list, TOP 10 usually remains unchanged, although sometimes members of the list change their places 0

American carsU.S. Economics
In many respects, the American automotive industry is considered one of the largest in the world 0

Native americansLife in USA
Everyone knows that the indigenous population of America is presented by the Indians 0

Russian-American relations: a brief historical journeyU.S. Politics
Russian-American relations amount more than 200 years. For the first time official exchange of ambassadors occurred in 1780, although informal contacts were established earlier 0

American model of managementBusiness in the USA
In the world three main management models are used: Japanese, American and European. All national management models are based on common principles and trends, but they have cardinal differences 0

American jeansLife in USA
For 150 years, jeans from a purely utilitarian work clothes have become an element of an everyday wardrobe 0

Impact of Marriage (and Divorce) during the EB-5 ProcessImmigration to USA
These events such as marriage or divorce can significantly impact your EB-5 case 0

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